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18:34 29 Nov 23
This is my new favorite bowling alley!!! My kids and husband absolutely loved it as well. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. And omg the food was friggin amazing!! Pizza, cheese fries and mozzarella sticks. Pricing on games, food, drinks everything was fitting. I appreciate that they don't price hike! Can't wait to go back.
Chris CChris C
14:06 24 Nov 23
Nice environment. Very enjoyable.
Rusty BrischleRusty Brischle
21:02 18 Nov 23
Good place to bowl but we hope you don't have the redheaded kid serve you when you pay for the lane.
Scott DavisScott Davis
05:44 14 Nov 23
Patrick CasePatrick Case
02:57 14 Nov 23
Meet lanes, outstanding staff, Chris knows how to run a league. Always a great time. I've been in leagues there for about 3-4 years now, really a nice environment.
John PrentissJohn Prentiss
18:22 09 Nov 23
Jef (Angor)Jef (Angor)
02:42 05 Nov 23
Its what bowling alleys used to be before corporatism and fun centers. Bowling is the main attraction and everything else is secondary to that. If you're looking for a trendy time with lots of unnecessary frills and a forced fake atmosphere this isn't the place for you. But if youre looking to actually bowl and have the bowling alley experience, then youve got to come here
Wayne StewartWayne Stewart
20:00 20 Oct 23
Great locationGreat lane conditionsPro shop was one of the best I've seen
Grant ApplegateGrant Applegate
02:46 16 Oct 23
Excellent bowling center, lanes and approaches are well taken care of.
Minuet LamMinuet Lam
18:24 15 Oct 23
Cheryl PoppCheryl Popp
14:42 11 Oct 23
Craig LCraig L
00:39 09 Oct 23
Dawn FarrayeDawn Farraye
06:20 08 Oct 23
02:52 02 Oct 23
Real bowlers play in here. Awesome stuffs. Nice and clean lanes. Great kitchen service. The leagues for every season and full house as always. Thank you for great service to ABC team.
Tyler ArnoldTyler Arnold
03:26 28 Sep 23
My friends and I used to go here all the time. We used to love it! recently, the security guard has had something against younger groups. Extremely rude. My friend accidentally had her ball jump over the lane into the one next to us (which was also our lane) and the security guard (white buff man with bald head and mustache) came up to us, pointed his finger 2 inches from our faces and yelled “do that one more time, YOURE OUT!” He needs to be fired. I hope the owner realizes what a bad staff if running that place. Not to mention, an hour or so before we started bowling we all were hanging out in the parking lot having a beer (of legal age) and the security guard came up to us, didn’t say a word, snatched my can out of my hand and poured it out in front of me. we spoke to the manager, and all he did was shrug. do not go here. Go to the bowlero down the road or pindustry. This place has great potential. But the staff and the dirtiness of it all makes for a horrible experience. They do not care about their guests, only their league players.
Theresa RohanTheresa Rohan
16:35 26 Sep 23
I had fun.
Philip GuthalsPhilip Guthals
22:47 24 Sep 23
This place banned a Down syndrome and them won’t let anyone to bring any food in there. I ask everyone to not go there anymore because they might do it again them are not sorry what they did to me no apologies is expected to everyone else they need to be nicely to their customers not them as much they need to be treated customer as what they are treated. Philip Guthals is going to report in to Greenwood Village county to shot them down because they won’t respond others
FHS ManagerFHS Manager
12:36 24 Sep 23
Jim BlishJim Blish
16:15 16 Sep 23
Adam BozekAdam Bozek
16:12 14 Sep 23
Staff is incredible friendly and always seems happy to assist you with whatever you need. Also, one of the few bowling alleys left that seems to care/encourage competitive bowling. They really do a great job and once you’ve been there a couple of times you get on a first name basis which makes it a fun comfortable place to hang out at. Best bowling alley in Colorado and it’s not even close.
Lou BradyLou Brady
01:56 10 Sep 23
Great mix of divey and family friendly bowling alley in the Springs. First time in a while that my ball didn’t get stuck and need to wait to get it back, so that’s a huge win in the bowling universe.
Crystal SmithCrystal Smith
00:12 05 Sep 23
Jacklyn BodanessJacklyn Bodaness
15:51 01 Sep 23
Clean, fun, AMAZING staff!
Alix S.Alix S.
22:23 30 Aug 23
Fabulous place, even better staff. Our family goes several times a week. Lots of fun in a quiet, clean atmosphere. Highly recommend!
Damien U.Damien U.
22:59 20 Aug 23
Best bowling alley in the Denver Metro Area! Fair prices (considering inflation), delicious food, and friendly staff.It's definitely my go-to bowling alley!
Jack SnavelyJack Snavely
12:34 17 Aug 23
Great place if you want to bowl. Lights on. No videos above the pins.
Harrison LiHarrison Li
02:59 17 Aug 23
Looked like a nice place with nice people.Our reservation meant nothing here.They advertised open bowling on their website. We made a call, made a reservation and confirmed it.Drove 30 min to be told there is no open bowling during the time they advertised open bowling.
Deb TDeb T
01:24 15 Aug 23
The best place for bowling and super friendly family and workers
22:46 10 Aug 23
We love bowling here. It's the best
Sid GallegosSid Gallegos
01:50 09 Aug 23
Great pinball games. Most are $1 but I was so happy to play some old school pinball
Dark Alex RochaX79Dark Alex RochaX79
23:07 02 Aug 23
Such a Fun Place to go to and mini corn dogs and fries are awesome and delicious best place ever Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sam PeytonSam Peyton
01:57 30 Jul 23
Used to bowl there Saturday night for moonlight bowling. Man I miss it great time and great staff.
Les GrosshansLes Grosshans
14:35 21 Jul 23
Serena BeckerSerena Becker
14:39 14 May 23
Absolutely every single person who worked here was friendly and helpful. They didn’t have everything to make some pretty common drinks. But the pizza and everything else it was. There was fantastic. Great parking.
Rob GonzalezRob Gonzalez
22:47 15 Apr 23
Love this place!! The entire staff makes us feel like family every time we walk in. Great prices all the way around and the facility is always immaculate. An absolute treasure for sure!!
Gabby GarciaGabby Garcia
23:00 21 Jan 23
Fun place with good bowling and a great selection of pinball. However, the demolition man underground game was not working properly and would not return the ball preventing many of the mini games from working. Hopefully this can be fixed so I can come back because this is the only spot in Denver to have this game.
I love this place. I live in Conifer but make the trip here to practice whenever I can. Clean, bright, amazing pro shop.The bowler desk, approach, lanes, and machines look like they are always kept up. Also, the wide open spacing is fantastic.
Kevin XKevin X
18:11 10 Sep 22
I'm speaking as a pinball player and not a bowler here, so take the star rating with a grain of salt based on what you're visiting for.They have a good selection of pins (including the only NBA Fastbreak in Colorado, according to PinballMap,) but they're in terrible condition, and the staff told me that they don't own the machines; presumably they contract a third party to manage them. The staff don't even have keys to fix a stuck ball! Regardless, whoever is responsible for these machines is doing a lousy job.
05:17 26 Jul 22
Great, simple bowling alley. Take advantage of their “happy hour” when you can. Unfortunately was there without a kitchen closed early. Bar stayed open long enough to enjoy through the late night bowling. Time that I went around 10 was pretty slow lots of lanes open. Had hoped for midnight style bowling but it was all lights on with no hiccups. Which you can not beat. Balls were all over the place giving the slowdown I thought there would be someone cleaning and reorganizing the balls. Difficult to find size but eeh, a acceptable part of the experience. Said acceptable not right though.
Ryan NausRyan Naus
14:58 17 Jul 22
I typically visit on Tuesday league night to root on some friends. The patrons have always been friendly. They have clean amenities. They have a nice pinball room with tons of machines (20+). Their pros in the shop seem very knowledgeable and they have a nice little bar. The only thing that lacks is the food service. It's typically pretty slow and they seem to have an angry "head chef". I got a pretty disgusted look shot my way for returning cold fries after waiting 15+ minutes and then he seemed to vebally chastise his young employee. My new frys where hot but the portion was even smaller this time. Felt like a slap in the face. Other than that small gripe I've been coming here for 25+ years and never really had a bad time overall.
Eric NorrisEric Norris
18:37 27 Jun 22
Always an excellent experience here. They staff is fantastic and the lanes are very well maintained.Weekend staff is great. AJ’s the man. Super friendly and gave me some great pointers that really helped my game.
Dean LuxDean Lux
02:04 06 May 22
The staff is outstanding. The food is top notch and the facility is always clean. We bowl in a 30 week league and had zero issues with the mechanical equipment.
Andrew SchleAndrew Schle
01:40 07 Apr 22
Been coming here for many years! From the facility to the staff, Arapahoe bowl is one my favorite place to be and I’m thankful I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people and share so many amazing memories there. Couldn’t recommend this place enough.
William FogleWilliam Fogle
21:21 06 Apr 22
Great staff, good food, friendly bartenders and excellent bowling experience. Friendly and competitive leagues and overall just a wonderful place !
Layne ElyLayne Ely
04:32 13 Mar 22
This place is like a second home to me. I love the staff and I love bowling on one of the leagues. They have great food and great people.
Tony TamburelloTony Tamburello
18:35 12 Mar 22
Good place for bowling, lots of room to spread out. Good prices for games and nice selection of beer on tap. Very friendly people at the front desk who always try to accommodate you. Decent game room if you like games and pinball.
Paul SteinPaul Stein
21:05 09 Mar 22
Love this place. All of the retro bowling alley feel with none of the gross, cigarette smelling, old, unclean feeling that some of these older alleys usually have.Prices are great. Staff is great. I'm there regularly
Sam MullisSam Mullis
18:35 22 Feb 22
We had a great time. This is one of the best values for bowling in the Denver Metro area. They even let you pay by the 1/4 hr to allow you to finish your game.
Stephen StaufferStephen Stauffer
20:42 16 Feb 22
The best bowling alley in Centennial! Family owned and operated it is kept clean and friendly.
Fletcher StoneFletcher Stone
02:04 16 Feb 22
This is a true bowling alley and it's a good one--the people working there are doing a good job of running it. It is new, and it shows: New means clean and bright. This place is like that. This is not a big restaurant with bowling lanes or a night club where you can also bowl--no. It is a bowling alley where there is a bar area and they also have a snack bar. My chief gripe about ABC has to do with their unwillingness to better manage their leagues or to control how their leagues have made it impossible to bowl there. The size of the leagues has gotten out of control. It had gotten so bad, I.e. there are too many leagues and/or too large of leagues that I, as a league member, am unable to practice because every night, when I call or visit the center, they have a full house because of leagues. 40 lanes occupied every evening and the only time I am able to bowl is during league. No practice. No improvement. I tell you this: I, won't be signing up for league at this bowling alley without some changes made. It's a waste of my time and money. Every night I call the center. Any open lanes tonight? No. Full house. Leagues. In the future I'll do league play at Bowlero.
Tiffany O'BrienTiffany O'Brien
06:28 30 Jan 22
Good experience. Felt like good home style lanes. Will visit again
William DickersonWilliam Dickerson
22:53 26 Jan 22
I have been bowling for 40 years and really appreciate the level of professionalism and knowledge of the staff in the pro shop! The staff talk to you at your level and understand how the game has changed. I wont go anywhere else while I live in Colorado, Fabi is one hell of a pro and Hammer staff! I also appreciate the honesty about equipment and if they don't think its the correct equipment for you they will tell you, not just sell you.
Grace LloydGrace Lloyd
07:50 08 Jan 22
So fun!! Good prices, clean space, easy to navigate. Our go to for bowling with friends. There is definitely a crowd on league nights! Oh and the drinks are good and well priced too.
ScurvyBoy TacocatScurvyBoy Tacocat
00:12 27 Dec 21
I may be a bit sub par at bowling, and am only good at straights, but hot damn is this a great place. My dad and I come here. Out once a week and bowl. Lil tip for parents: the jawbreaker pinball machine next to the bathrooms gives out more jawbreakers than the one next to the arcade!
Sade JohnsonSade Johnson
19:32 27 Nov 21
Had so much fun with my family! I rated 4 stars just because of look of the place, a little older but still good! - you can get some fun out of it! ☺️
Justin VotawJustin Votaw
17:05 19 Nov 21
This is the best place to bowl in the area by far.- The lanes are immaculate and oiled on a daily basis- All of the staff is extremely friendly- The pro shop staff are equally friendly, and some of the most knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with
Andre AlsupAndre Alsup
06:12 19 Nov 21
I love this bowling alley, it’s amazing and so fun, but I recently had a horrible experience there. I went with my girlfriend (she’s a beginner) so she just wanted the bars up, so I go up to a blonde woman in a green shirt and ask her if she can raise the bars for my girlfriend. She then replied very rudely “I can’t do that” and just left it at that then I asked where do I go to raise them she proceeded to act oblivious then I asked “do I just go to the front?” then she went behind my back to a group of people a few lanes away and mocked and ridiculed me for asking for the bars to go up. I have always loved this place and loved coming here but because of this experience I won’t be here for a while because the most important part about bowling is having fun and when she mocked and ridiculed me for my girlfriend skill level and for making fun of us behind our back, now I don’t really feeling included or accepted at a family owned bowling alley that I have been coming to for years because of this experience. Everyone is amazing and so nice and sweet. The bartender is one of my favorite people there but because this employee mocked and ridiculed me I feel excluded and uncomfortable.
Wesley DominguezWesley Dominguez
01:02 29 Oct 21
Easily one of the best bowling allys i have been to. I have played in a few leagues here and they are well organized and the lanes are the best i have played on.
19:44 18 Oct 21
Family owned place with friendly staff, a clean facility, seemingly good food that I haven't tried myself but my friends have enjoyed. The Machine's rarely break and the Pro-Shop has the best guy around town to get and drill a new ball.
Luvin LifeLuvin Life
17:21 08 Oct 21
Our favorite way to hang out on Sundays. Bowling cost is reasonable, staff is friendly, great food, great drinks, and the pro shop is helpful. Thanks for keeping such a great atmosphere for casual family fun.
Carolyn KlevenCarolyn Kleven
14:56 28 Aug 21
Great place to bowl! Great staff and food. Have bowled league for 30+ years. They did an excellent job keeping open during Covid!!!! Great job Tyson and staff. You are the BEST.
Terry FoxworthyTerry Foxworthy
02:19 21 Aug 21
This place is absolutely fantastic. Enjoy the staff, great food, and amazing atmosphere where they make you feel welcome. Thank you for keeping bowling available to the bowlers of Colorado.
Karyn WhiteKaryn White
01:01 14 Jul 21
We love this place. Bowling, pool and the pin ball machines amazing!! But I am giving it 3 star because the bartenders are not sanitary. Numerous times she ate behind the bar using her fingers and served drinks without washing hands. Definitely a food safety concern.
Cassidy StrodeCassidy Strode
16:25 04 Jul 21
Nice lanes friendly staff. Reasonable prices for having fun. Can't seem to bowl over 100 here though maybe it's just me cuz lots of other people seem to do well. There is a reasonable price but the nachos leave something to be desired.
Claire LuhmanClaire Luhman
21:00 25 Jun 21
This place was amazing and serious life savers they allowed us to come in with 40 kids after another bowling place cancelled on us last minute. All the staff was amazing and seriously accommodating. I can’t say enough about how amazing the concessions people were. The staff passed all the vibe checks and this place was bussin bussin. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!! It was a great day!!
23:01 09 Jun 21
Steve and Don in the pro shop are great! They both took the time and corrected some problems I had with the finger holes. The bowling alley is also the best I've found since I started bowling this year.
Andrew WestAndrew West
23:00 19 May 21
I am a competitive bowler and I love this bowling alley. It’s very clean, and very nice bowling alley. If your in the centennial area take the kids to have fun at this bowling center.
Jamie Gammel-GreeneJamie Gammel-Greene
17:40 11 May 21
Wonderful place for leagues! Really awesome staff, nice servers and bar tenders. The atmosphere is so much fun!!
Kenneth HartKenneth Hart
22:35 27 Apr 21
This a great place for the price and the staff is amazing. They're real people. Deffinately recommend at least going, because this place is about bowling and not the extra razzle dazzle that other lanes force feed you
Digital PrinceDigital Prince
05:56 25 Apr 21
I've been to a plenty bowling alleys and this is the nicest place of the bunch. Roy the security guard actually bought me a game and removed some unruly guest. Thank you for the the great experience!
Arthur LeeArthur Lee
20:58 16 Apr 21
Great service! I had to have a ball drilled and not only did I have my ball back quickly, the tech gave me a discount for being a vet. Good looking out for those who have served. Thank you again. A C Lee
Wayne SchneiderWayne Schneider
19:01 28 Mar 21
Wonderful evening of bowling. The staff does a great job keeping the facility clean, a0ong with being extremely friendly. The lanes are kept in impeccable shape making for a great bowling experience. Keep up the good work
Heather CurrierHeather Currier
20:15 13 Feb 21
We brought our 2- and 3-year-old here on a frigid winter day and they absolutely loved it! The staff were wonderful and provided the kids with a ball ramp, as well as bumpers for the gutters. They keep asking to go back! Next time we'll play in the arcade, too 🙂
Rachael TothRachael Toth
22:58 11 Feb 21
This place has been a Centennial/Greenwood Village gem for a long time! I used to do my birthday parties here as a kid. The place has been well kept and is a great place to go bowling! Good prices.The covid procedures in place (Feb 2021) make going here a safe experience too.
Emily StricklandEmily Strickland
21:04 27 May 20
So glad our favorite Ally is back open!! It felt so great to bowl again!! Thank you everyone!! Y'all are awesome!!
Kathleen HoltKathleen Holt
17:50 16 Mar 20
Could some of the services be faster- sure - a polite smile and acknowledgement, even if you can't get to me right away, goes along way. BUT they are always polite & professional. The younger staff doesn't treat the place like they are there to party, Food is WAY better than most, prices are fair, Pro-shop is informative and helpful, even to those that are less experienced.
Allen LenhardtAllen Lenhardt
22:45 09 Mar 20
I used to bowl league here, it was a blast. Good food made to order, they did some recent renovations and added more lanes. Family owned everyone is attentive and polite. They have plenty of parking and a nice sit at bar. Pinball tables in a separate room and a pro shop.
Ari DavilaAri Davila
22:36 29 Feb 20
The pro shop is less than friendly or helpful. Quick to make a sale but not there to be of service. I've give mostly 5 star reviews and very few 1 stars. This is borderline 1 star from how I was treated and talked to.
Antoinette MajorAntoinette Major
21:04 22 Feb 20
The staff here is always especially nice.It’s not the newest most modern bowling alley, but it’s a bowling alley. The lanes are decent the balls are decent. There is a game room, there are vending machines, and the restrooms are always clean. I’ve never had it, but the food (I believe it was chicken fingers and fries) actually smells good.Here, they are especially accommodating to special needs children and adults. They also seem to be especially accommodating to children and seniors. It’s not celebrity lanes, but more of the old style feel that you grew up with. Comfortable, not saddidy.
Steve ThompsonSteve Thompson
17:25 22 Feb 20
Don in the pro shop is very helpful and knowledgeable. He setup my ball and helped me improve my game. Arapahoe bowl has the nicest pro shop on the southside of denver. Every thing I needed was in stock and prices were good. Thank you!
Tiffani SaharaTiffani Sahara
02:52 02 Jan 20
Nice establishment with lots of lanes, was clean, had friendly staff who provided good customer service, food and drinks available, overall a good experience. I would come back here again for bowling. Bonus: over 10 pinball machines in their arcade if that's your thing.
Eli SpragueEli Sprague
23:41 01 Jan 20
Great bowling alley - bit of an odd layout for seating but clean and with a friendly staff
Jeff McGregorJeff McGregor
17:05 24 Dec 19
Hands-down our favorite bowling alley around! This is one of the few independently owned alleys left in Denver and surrounding area, and it shows! Quality of service is top notch all the way from the front counter, the grill, the pro shop, and to the fully stocked bar. And because they are family owned, they reinvest in their space, their people, and the experience - constantly updating equipment, menus, games, etc. Special recognition to Chris who has taken great care of our small league for a number of years now. And always a pleasure to see Michelle's smiling face behind the bar. I look forward to bowling here for many years to come.
JT ReviewJT Review
16:48 06 Dec 19
One of my favorite bowling centers to visit. Family owned and well kept lanes. They have a large league base and hold many tournaments. It's an old school bowling center not a fun center like most bowling alleys are going too. No restaurant just snacky foods like hamburgers and such. Food is what you expect from a place like this. It's usually pretty busy with leagues and open bowlers. They have one of the few pro shops I visit in the Denver area. Steve Badovinc owns the pro shop and is a very accomplished bowler. Steve is a great guy and very friendly. Service is usually very good here and friendly. It's kept pretty clean but is an older center so does not have the clean fresh look that most fun centers have. But that's a good thing in my opinion. Again love this center, especially for league and tournaments. One of the better Denver area bowling centers.
thomas stricklandthomas strickland
19:35 23 Nov 19
Great alley! Awesome beer selection and food... the pinball room is great too.
Asia LuevanoAsia Luevano
05:05 18 Nov 19
The atmosphere here is amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful bowling center.
Jennifer PfeiferJennifer Pfeifer
00:00 01 Nov 19
Awesome customer service for day programs!! Thanks guys! We had an amazing experience
no name no nameno name no name
20:26 07 Sep 19
Great old fashion clean bowling alley! Had a great time! And they have really awesome pinball machines!!!
Angela PurdyAngela Purdy
19:17 31 Aug 19
We needed to get a bowling ball. Pro shop person was very helpful for my son. He asked what lb ball he threw, left or right handed ball, fingertip or not. We looked what ball he got and the person who worked there measured his hand and we were surprised he could drill the ball right there and we would just wait and it didn't take long. He asked my son as usual to see how it felt, let him just test it with just a little roll and my son said it was just right. We even bought a bag. Am going to recommend to any of my friends if they need a new ball or other bowling supplies go to Arapahoe Bowling Center. We even have bowled there. Very happy with Arapahoe Bowling Center
jim kurtzjim kurtz
21:18 18 Aug 19
We are pretty regular visitors here and it is great pretty much every time. We do the "kids bowl free" every summer and are never disappointed. Bailey is always incredibly helpful as well as all of the other staff. The beer is cold and the food is surprisingly good for a bowling alley. Highly recommended and if your in the mood ask Bailey for a bloody Mary
Brett MartinBrett Martin
03:53 04 Aug 19
Great place to bowl with kids and they are very accommodating. Bumpers, light balls (though they only have a few), and shoes that fit toddlers made the day. Just watch the hours for their "kids bowl free" coupons. The program is definitely worth it. If you bowl twice with kids it essentially pays for itself. Nice pinball room too! We didn't try the food, so no opinion there.
Cam BlazekCam Blazek
10:08 21 Jul 19
Family owned bowling center with excellent service and great food. One of the best bowling centers in the country. Stop by and take a look for yourself. You will be glad you did!
17:24 02 Jul 19
It's a family owned bowling alley. They just replace the lanes a year ago. The pro shop is well supplied and the staff is very knowledgeable
Ashly McCormickAshly McCormick
04:02 11 Jun 19
I was very impressed with the cleanliness and the kindness from the staff! Best bowling alley I've ever been to and will be the only one from now on! Amazing food, drinks, alleys and they have a lottery machine!Shout out to Austin who was the nice fella who took my order and was very polite and sweet. Hope to see him again! That gentleman at the front as well, Caden.... Or maybe Cameron.. . I don't remember the name but he was also kind and helpful.
22:37 10 Jun 19
Good staff, were quick to come help when little brother got the ball stuck (He's still learning). The place wasn't loud, wasn't dirty, their systems worked without error, now I didn't personally buy any food or drink so I do not have any opinions on the prices.
Chris FaulkenberryChris Faulkenberry
21:51 10 Jun 19
Started bowling there this summer on the Wednesday night trios. I’ve heard so much about Arapahoe and it’s all been great.. Let me tell you the staff there did not disappoint. Always friendly and great service. I’v decided to join a fall league as well. Thank you Arapahoe Bowling Center!!!!!
Yune HwangYune Hwang
21:39 18 May 19
The Kids bowl free program they have is fantastic. My son had so much fun there
L.A BrannenL.A Brannen
13:44 15 Apr 19
The newly renovated location was worth thr wait! The family friendly environment is great. The lanes are brightly decorated, the carpeting is great and the new construction makes the open space look much larger then previously. They have a wonderful selection of pinball machines and some other arcade games. The food is really good and the menu diverse. They also have a full bar.
Austin PettyAustin Petty
21:22 31 Mar 19
Arapahoe bowling center is one of if not the best bowling centers around. The crew is always cheerful and helpful, I went in this past Sunday and Cameron and Marissa really stuck out with their bubbly personality’s and the help they provide because of them I will make bowling on a Sunday a usual thing. THANKS!
Carlie SnyderCarlie Snyder
19:39 26 Mar 19
Great food, great bowling. Friendly and responsible staff. It's a bit dated but that makes it historic and fun! Good for league bowling as well.
Nicholas WolfNicholas Wolf
03:50 24 Mar 19
This place is updated nicely and is a very friendly place to go bowling with the family. The bar is super affordable and has a decent selection of drinks, and the pizza was surprisingly good. as always this is a great place to go bowling in the neighborhood and I would opt to go here over then the big box bowling spots.

Important Information

We DO NOT take same day reservations!  Reservations must be 24 hours in advance!

or Please call 303-790-2695 and press...

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