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2020 Fall Short & Full Season Leagues

*Space may be extremely limited due to restrictions from Covid-19 - Sign ups DO NOT guarantee you a spot*

Senior LeaguesDayStartTimeMembersWeeks
Castle Rockers MondaySept 149:00 am430
HomesteadersMondaySept 1412:00pm429
Young At HeartMondaySept 1412:15pm430
Tuesday Club 50
TuesdaySept 812:15pm430
Alley GatorsFridaySept 1112:15pm430
Mixed Handicap LeaguesDayStartTimeMembersWeeks
JusticeMondaySept 146:15pm515
Christian KeglersMondaySept 146:15pm530
Totally Twisted Tuesdays
TuesdaySept 86:15pm516
Mixed Zone TuesdaySept 86:15pm532
UALWednesdaySept 95:05pm432
VCC Mixed WednesdaySept 95:20pm430
Midweek ManiacsWednesdaySept 95:20pm431
Humpday MixersWednesdaySept 95:15pm416
Thursday Night Mixed
ThursdaySept 105:15pm416
ThursdaySept 108:00pm416
Friday Night Edition FridaySept 116:20pm532
Skip-A-SaturdaySaturdaySept 193:00pm418
Christian Fellowship SaturdaySept 122:45pm417
Saturday Night Live
SaturdaySept 126:00pm416
Saturday Night StrikersSaturdaySept 126:00pm416
Gateway To The Rockies SundaySept 135:45pm432
Ladies LeaguesDayStartTimeMembersWeeks
Tuesday Morning Glories TuesdaySept 159:20am432
Regis MomsTuesdaySept 89:20am328
T.A.B.S.TuesdaySept 812:00pm432
RockettesWednesdaySept 99:45am432
Lady Bugs ThursdaySept 109:20am432
Cherry Creek LadiesFridaySept 119:20am330
VCC Ladies FridaySept 269:20am426
Men's LeagueDayStartTimeMembersWeeks
Wooden Shoe ThursdaySept 108:00pm532
Scratch LeagueDayStartTimeMembersWeeks
NFL Scratch

NFL Scratch MVP Points

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2020 Summer Leagues

League NameAboutDayStartTimeTeamWeeks
JusticeYear Round LeagueMondayJuly 66:30 pm48
9 Pin No Tap9 Pins = Strike!TuesdayJuly 77:00 pm48
Summer Scratch Trios640 Cap - 4 GamesWednesdayJuly 87:00 pm36
Beer 1Free Pitcher of BeerThursdayJuly 97:00 pm48
Rusty HingesYear Round LeagueFridayJuly 1012:15 pm48
Beer 2Free Pitcher of BeerFridayJuly 107:00 pm48
The ABC EliminatorWeekly TournamentSundayJune 1411:00 am110