2022 Summer Leagues

League NameAboutDayStartTimeTeamWeeks
Adult/Youth Doubles 1Youth 18 or youngerMondayMay 95:30 pm215
Adult/Youth Doubles 2Youth 18 or youngerMondayMay 97:30 pm215
JusticeYear Round LeagueMondayMay 96:15 pm515
Tuesday Club 50Ages 50+ - Year Round LeagueTuesdayMay 312:15 pm416
Poker StarsPlay Poker & BowlTuesdayMay 106:30 pm416
9 Pin No Tap9 Pins = Strike!TuesdayMay 107:00 pm416
Ladybugs SummerSummer LeagueWednesdayMay 117:00 pm411
Strikes in the SummerSummer LeagueWednesdayMay 116:30 pm414
MLB Double Play 1430 Cap - 3 GamesWednesdayMay 115:30 pm214
MLB Double Play 2430 Cap - 3 GamesWednesdayMay 117:30 pm214
BeerFree Pitcher of BeerThursdayMay 127:00 pm416
Rusty HingesYear Round LeagueFridayMay 2112:15 pm415
The ABC Eliminator MVP Points Weekly Tournament FridayMay 137:00 pm114

2021 - 2022 Leagues!!

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Senior Leagues

Castle Rockers Finals Monday9:00 am9/13/21430 No
Homesteaders FinalsMonday12:00 pm9/13/21429 Yes
Young At Heart FinalsMonday12:15 pm9/13/21430 Yes
Golden Rockers FinalsMonday12:00 pm9/13/21430No
Tuesday Owls Finals
Tuesday9:15 am9/14/21430
Tuesday Club 50 Finals
Tuesday12:15 pm9/7/21430 Yes
Arapahoe Seniors FinalsWednesday11:00 am9/8/21430Yes
Heather Gardens Finals
Thursday 9:50 am9/9/21430Vote
Alley Gators FinalsFriday12:15 pm9/10/21430No
Friday Express FinalsFriday12:00 pm9/10/21415Yes

Mixed Handicap Leagues

Justice FinalsMonday6:15 pm1/10/22515 Yes
Christian Keglers FinalsMonday6:15 pm1/10/22530Yes
Totally Twisted Tuesdays Final
Tuesday6:15 pm1/4/22516Yes
Mixed Zone Finals Tuesday6:15 pm9/7/21532Yes
Midweek Maniacs FinalsWednesday5:05 pm9/8/21431 Yes
HEI Bowling FinalsWednesday5:10 pm9/22/21415Vote
Burns and Mac FinalsWednesday5:30 pm1/12/2248No
Thursday Night Mixed Finals
Thursday5:15 pm1/6/22415Yes
Beer Finals
Thursday8:00 pm1/6/22415No
Friday Night Edition Finals Friday6:20 pm9/10/21532Yes
Christian Bowling Fellowship Finals (EOW)
Saturday3:00 pm9/18/21415Vote
Saturday Night Live Finals
Saturday6:00 pm1/8/22416Yes
Saturday Night Strikers FinalsSaturday6:00 pm9/11/21416No
Gateway To The Rockies Finals Sunday5:45 pm9/12/21432 Yes

Ladies Leagues

Regis Moms FinalsTuesday9:15 am9/14/21330No
Tuesday Morning Glories FinalsTuesday9:15 am9/7/21430No
Cherry Hills Country Club FinalsTuesday9:15 am329No
T.A.B.S. FinalsTuesday12:00 pm9/7/21432 No
Rockettes FinalsWednesday9:45 am9/1/21432 No
Lady Bugs Finals Thursday9:20 am9/9/21432 No
Cherry Creek Ladies FinalsFriday9:20 am9/10/21330 No
VCC Ladies Finals Friday9:20 am10/1/21426 No
She Strikes It Rich Finals Sunday10:30 am1/9/22415No