Dayton St. Diner

Serving everything from Pizza, Mexican Food, Deli Clubs & More!

Check for weekly food specials!

We have many party packages that feature food & bowling:

Hot 2 Trot
Players Package
Birthday Parties
Lane N Lunch

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The Bar @ Arapahoe Bowl

Bottle Beers:
Coors Light, Coors, Miller Light, Miller High Life, Michelob Ultra, MGD, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Platinum, Budweiser, Corona, Guinness, Heineken, & More!

Happy Hour on All Draft Beer Everyday from 7pm – 8pm

Regular Draft Prices: 16oz. 20oz. Pitcher
Bud Light $3 $4 $9
Budweiser $3 $4 $9
Breckenridge Seasonal $4 $5 $12
Shock Top $4 $5 $12
Avalanche $4 $5 $12
Agave Wheat $4.50 $5.50 $13
Stella $4.50 $5.50 $13
Autumn Ale $4.50 $5.50 $13
Goose IPA $4.50 $5.50 $13

A great selection of Liquor, Chilled Shots and Cheap Shot Specials
Mikes Hard Lemonade: Lime, Lemon, Black Cherry, Mango Punch, & Cranberry
Wine: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio
Non Alcoholic: St. Paulina & O'Douls
Energy Drinks: Red Bull & Tropical Red Bull

Now including a pool table right by the bar!