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2018 Summer Leagues & Tournament

It is here – 2018 Summer League Schedule!!

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League NameStart DateDayTimeTypePer Team
Spare PartsJune 4, 2018Monday12:00pmSenior4
JusticeMay 7, 2018Monday6:15pmMixed4
Purple MondaysMay 7, 2018Monday6:15pmMixed4
Total Bowling Dynamics ClinicMay 8, 2018Tuesday7:00pmMixed1
Lady Bugs 2 FinalTBDTuesday7:00pmMixed4
Blackhawk Poker StarsMay 9, 2018Wednesday7:00pmMixed4
9 Pin No TapMay 9, 2018Wednesday7:00pmMixed4
Spring FlingTBDThursday5:20pmMixed4
BeerMay 10, 2018Thursday7:00pmMixed4
Strikes In The SummerMay 10, 2018Thursday7:00pmMixed4
Rusty HingesMay 11, 2018Friday12:15pmSenior4
*The ABC EliminatorApril 27, 2018Friday7:00pmTournament1

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2017-2018 Fall & Winter Leagues!

Click on the league name for your weekly stat sheet!

Updated date is the date the stat sheet was last uploaded.

League NameUpdatedStart DateDayTimeWho? TeamWeeks
Castle Rockers 2/13/18Sept 11Monday9:00 amSeniors430 weeks
Homesteaders2/13/18Sept 11Monday12:00pmSenior429 weeks
Young At Heart2/13/18Sept 11Monday12:15pmSeniors432 weeks
Justice2/8/18Sept 11Monday6:15pmMixed515 weeks
Christian Keglers2/13/18Sept 11Monday6:15pmMixed532 weeks
Tuesday Morning Glories 2/8/18Sept 5Tuesday9:20amLadies432 weeks
Regis Moms2/8/18Sept 5Tuesday9:20amLadies332 weeks
T.A.B.S.2/8/18Sept 5Tuesday12:00pmLadies432 weeks
Totally Twisted Tuesdays
2/8/18Sept 5Tuesday6:15pmMixed516 weeks
Mixed Zone 2/8/18Sept 5Tuesday6:15pmMixed532 weeks
Rockettes2/8/18Aug 30Wednesday9:45amLadies432 weeks
UAL2/8/18Sept 6Wednesday5:20pmMixed432 weeks
VCC Mixed2/8/18Sept 6Wednesday5:20pmMixed430 weeks
Midweek Maniacs2/8/18Sept 6Wednesday5:20pmMixed 432 weeks
NFL Scratch Standings

MVP Points & Conference Points

Teams & Phone # - Sub List & Phone #



Aug 16Wednesday8:00pmScratch432 weeks
Lady Bugs 2/12/18Sept 7Thursday9:20amLadies432 weeks
Fall Balls Finals
11/20/17Oct 5Thursday5:20pmMixed37 weeks
Thursday Night mixed
2/12/18Sept 7Thursday5:15pmMixed415 weeks
2/12/18Sept 7Thursday8:00pmMixed415 weeks
Wooden Shoe 2/12/18Sept 7Thursday8:00pmMens532 weeks
VCC Ladies 2/12/18Oct 7Friday9:20amLadies426 weeks
Cherry Creek Ladies2/12/18Sept 8Friday9:20amLadies330 weeks
Alley Gators2/12/18Sept 8Friday12:15pmSeniors430 weeks
Friday Night Edition 2/12/18Sept 8Friday6:20pmMixed532 weeks
Skip-A-Saturday2/8/18Sept 2Saturday3:00pmMixed418 weeks
Christian Fellowship 2/13/18Sept 9Saturday3:00pmMixed418 weeks
Saturday Night Live
2/13/17Sept 9Saturday6:00pmMixed415 weeks
Saturday Night Strikers2/13/18Sept 9Saturday6:00pmMixed416 weeks
Gateway To The Rockies 2/13/18Sept 10Sunday5:45pmMixed432 weeks